Lumistar | Prologue | Page 13 - 16 | Definitely steal everything.

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You eye the offerings left to the fallen Rescue Team Members and are overcome with an unprecedented feeling of avarice. Upon closer inspection, you find that the pile consists of withered flowers and rotten sweets. This instantly eats at your GREED stat and you find yourself feeling unusually humble.

You watch the rat respectfully add its own offering to the pile. Now that's intriguing! You blink once and completely lose track of the unlikely visitor.

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You absolutely most definitely don't disrespect the Rat's gift to the departed by which you mean you absolutely get your grubby hands on it this instant. It seems to be a baggie with some sort of funny smelling dry plant in it.

What do you do?

Eat/Snort/Sniff the Plant/Bag.