Lumistar | Prologue | Page 17 - 20 | Eat/Snort/Sniff the Plant/Bag.

Page 17

You try to contain your sudden desire to ingest the contents of the baggie, losing about 6 Points of the Gluttony Stat. Instead, you bring the suspicious parcel to your face and take a gentle sniff.

Ah! Of Course. Cat Nip.

Page 18

You aren't sure why you didn't recognize the smell sooner. This would have been so helpful in your quest to find Cam if he actually liked Cat Nip. Unfortunately, Cam prefers coffee instead. This would have been so convenient!

You decide to lightly toss the offering back at the Memorial but greatly underestimate your toss.

Page 19 Page 20

Look what you've done! Now its everywhere!

What do you do?

Inspect the Keyhole.