Lumistar | Prologue | Page 21 - 22 | Inspect the Keyhole.

Page 21

You take a closer gander at what appears to be a keyhole in the Memorial Plate. From it, you pick up a low, buzzing sound. Does it hide some kind of machinery beneath? Like a fan? Or a fridge? You have no idea.

Page 22

This fella would probably need something dumb like "The Red Key" to open and you've certainly not seen any such item around here. You do, however, remember seeing "The Yellow Key" and "The House Key" somewhere before? Both seem a tad too small to open the plate though.

Either way, it has nothing to do with your current quest, and you figure there really is only one place you could check here before going elsewhere to continue your search. You space out watching the Cat Weed drip gently down the hole before deciding to move on.

What do you do?

Stick Ur Eyeball in da Hole.