Lumistar | Prologue | Page 23 - 24 | Stick Ur Eyeball in da Hole.

Page 23

In spite of your very prominent Sloth Stat, you suddenly can't help your curiosity and bend to the ground to Peep in da Hole. While at first there is only darkness, it dissipates. Huh?

Page 24

Upon closer inspection, you notice a piece of paper with the gaudiest handwriting you've ever seen. Somehow, it feels vaguely familiar. You notice a byline obscured by some of the fallen herb that must have pushed down on the paper, illuminating it just enough for you to see.

Oh damn it! If only you could have just been more careful! That does it. You absolutely most certainly must find a way to pry this baby open. You totally forget about your cat and the hideout you have yet to check and decide to pursue The Red Key Quest instead.

Well, no. You suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by the clues and possibilities before you. You attempt to memorize this taunting message with your eyesockets to file for later.

What do you do?

Blow into the keyhole to remove some catnip from the message.