Lumistar | Prologue | Page 29 - 30 | Pillage Drawers.

Page 29

You spread the Contents of your drawers on the floor and take a closer look. It appears that you've got:

-1 Yellow Key
-1 Navy Hoodie
-2 Cans of Cat Food
-2 Hair Ties
-1 Copy of Spaceship Blueprints
-6 Colorful Marbles
-2 Fairy Wings
-2 Screw Nuts
-1 Gear
-1 Crumpled Detention Slip
-1 Fancy Cat Toy
-1 Classified Document of Jersey Devil Sightings
-1 Copy of Cam's Diary.

Page 30

You're very proud of your loot but you'd be a pretty terrible hoarder if you hadn't noticed a striking lack of sharp objects. You swear you owned a crowbar, an X-Acto Knife, and some scissors. It's as if someone baby-proofed the place! You swear to deal with the intruder swiftly. Meanwhile, you should probably rearrange your In-you mean the contents of your Dress-Pocket. Damn it!

What do you do?

Read Cam's Diary!