Lumistar | Prologue | Page 5 - 8 | Inspect poster!

Page 5

You look closely at the Missing Cat Poster and fondly reminisce about the memories you've shared with C^3. He was given to you by your mother on your 7th Birthday about a decade ago following the mysterious disappearance of your father.

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C^3 quickly became your best friend and a brother you never had. Well...he was always sort of his own cat and often showed an unsettling amount of agency and intelligence. Despite not having a particularly touchy relationship, you miss him dearly and would love to have him home.

Page 8

You've looked just about everywhere and are at your whits end at this point. You decide to check one of his three favorite spots again: Warget, the Park, and the Graveyard before you give up and call the Animal Shelter.

What do you do?

Check Inventory!